About PassionateGaming

PassionateGaming was created in 2013. Our community was created for UT99 enthusiasts to gather & compete in various UT99 mods we currently have available: iCTF, iTDM, iDOM, xTDM, iDuel, saCTF & FlakSpam. We do play both Instagib & Sniper & have servers located in several different locations. We have it all, so join in the fun & re-discover this ancient, but beautiful & skilful game, called Unreal Tournament 99.

About the website

This website is based on BAIT Radio site originally created by Decl. The website was built using modern (at the time) techniques and multiple open source libraries. Among other things, our website uses:

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Special kudos to:

  • Decl - General development, back-end systems
  • Waterkater - CSS, QA
  • Avi - Graphics, banners
  • Numerous testers from the community

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